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Wizard Webs
Follow Up Email Autoresponder

Regular $69.95

Order Now For Only $37.95

Special: Take a test drive and learn how to get this script and dozens more--worth thousands of dollars for less than $40.00. This is serious!!

Automate Your Business With This Simple To Install Follow Up Autoresponder System


Get Your Own Follow-Up System in less than 10 Minutes. Works with or without CRON.

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Install this easy sequential automatic responder cgi script in 10 minutes or less and then place a simple sign up box on your website to get site visitors to join your mailing lists, subscribe to newsletters, get product info, get updates, request files, etc.

Do it all 24 hours a day, seven days a week completely unattended. It even allows users to conveniently Opt-Out (cancel their subscriptions) to avoid spam complaints.

If you know how to use FTP and how to make a web page, then you can do this yourself with ease or we'll install it for you. Take a test drive

Full Software. Buy it and keep it. No monthly fees.

Easy to install on any hosting account (not just MarchHost). Installs in 5 minutes or less.

  • Pay no monthly fees
  • No annoying advertising messages
  • Full Feature Web based admin control panel
  • Send text email messages (Newletters, briefs, courses, announcements, etc)
  • Send Attachments (EBooks, files, PDF's, etc)
  • Send daily, weekly, monthly by setting intervals
  • Include unsubscribe links in your messages
  • Send personalized email (Dear Steve, Bob, Jane, etc)
  • Maintain contact list
  • Simple Automated User signups
  • Create responders for different products/services
  • Export contact names, email addresses
  • Generates sign up box HTML
  • Take them to any page you want after sign up
  • Even sends automated email reports to Admin
  • Works with, but does not require running of CRON on web servers
  • More...

Easy to use Microsoft Windows Setup Program will copy files to your computer and launch easy web site installation instructions.

Web Hosting Requirements:

  1. Unix Operating system (linux/FreeBSD)
  2. Perl5
  3. SendMail

Order for Only $37.95 from MarchHost

Fast electronic delivery

Download Now

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Not convinced? Take a test drive!


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If you need a more advanced responder, click here

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